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Coffee is a beverage that is part of many cultures in the world, and that means that having your favourite type and flavour available to drink whenever you want it can be very pleasing to the palate. Likewise there are also many types of coffee to choose from. When you buy coffee online, you will be given the opportunity to make your selections from a variety of different species of coffee, so how does one choose which one to buy?

Arabica is the most common variety of coffee bean, and it comprises about 75 percent of the world’s coffee production. Canephora is another type of coffee that takes its share of the coffee trade at about 20 percent throughout the world. Another factor to consider when you buy coffee online is the region that the coffee beans were grown in as well as the method of roasting that was used to bring out the flavour of the beans.

Some people will drink nothing other than Columbian grown coffee, but what is the difference in this coffee than any other? Columbian coffee is grown in volcanic rich soil in very hot temperatures and high altitudes. Those who enjoy drinking Arabica bean Columbian coffee swear that it is the finest in the world, and would drink no other kind. Of course, it is usually simply a matter of what your taste buds have become used to that determines which coffee is the best.

Arabica imparts a sweet aromatic flavour to the coffee that is produced regardless where or at what temperatures it is grown. This aroma and sweetness is what attracts most of today’s consumers to this particular variety. Canephora, on the other hand, comes with a bitter taste due to its higher caffeine content. The Robusta form of this species finds its home in low altitudes and climates that are more humid than others.

When you buy coffee online, you will be interested in finding out the type of soil that the species was grown in because this will impact the flavour of the particular coffee that you choose. You will also want to know what method was used during the roasting process because this will make a difference in the flavour. Along with that you will want to inquire, or at least read the label to find out if the coffee is from one pure species or if it is a blend of different one.

Blending coffee is a technique that is often used to help cut down on the overall cost of the coffee that they are manufacturing for mass distribution. This method helps retain most of the desirable flavours of the most popular species. Again, there is something to be said about the roasting process. While most great coffees are roasted similarly to the way other foods would be, espresso is roasted to very nearly burning.

This roasting process for espresso brings about a rich aroma as well as providing an oily surface to the coffee for a more appetising flavour for those who love this richer brew. Regardless of where you buy coffee online, be sure to get all the information so that you are not disappointed with the blend of coffee you receive.

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