Which firewall is the best for security attacks?

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Allow me to recount to you a little story. It’s a tale pretty much we all. Did you had at least some idea that a human cell has 75 MB of DNA data; a sperm has half of it, 37.5 MB, a mililiter of semen has around 100 million sperm cells; on normal discharge goes on for around 5 seconds and however much 2.2 mililitrers of semen is delivered.

That implies a man can create:

(37.5 MB x 100.000.000 x 2.25} / 5 = 1.687.500.000.000.000 bytes/sec = 1.6875 Terabytes/sec
That implies an ovule can get a DDOS assault of 1.6 Terabytes each second and just allows one piece to pass, making it THE BEST FIREWALL IN THE WORLD, all things considered obviously.

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