What are healthy habits?

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Adequate Sleep – Everyone needs a certain amount of sleep that is different for everyone. Healthy people will ensure that they sleep well every night, according to their body needs. Usually 7-9 hours. Exercise regularly – Although many people say they will exercise regularly, healthy people do. Cardio training or sports at least 3 times a week is an important requirement for good health. Add strength training to help your muscles and bones for the future.

Sugar elimination – Of course, this does not mean a complete elimination, but a big one. Of course, they don’t eat sweets every day.

Coaches – Healthy people often have at least one coach, trainer, or professional by their side. Health, exercise, life, etc.

A little red meat – 500 gr. per week is the recommended amount to reduce the risk of cancer. If you want to be very healthy, replace red meat with poultry, include at least 2 fish meals per week in your diet, and if you can, eat as many meals as possible without meat at all .

A stress-free atmosphere – Stress is a major contributor to all types of mental and physical ailments. Reduce the amount of stress in your life and you will live healthier.

A strong support network – Having a support network of friends, family, and loved ones increases the likelihood that you will feel able to handle a difficult situation. Meditation – Meditation reduces the amount of thoughts you have every day and leaves you more in the moment or in flow, greatly reducing your stress.

Positive thinking – Having a positive mindset is a shortcut to reduce stress. Stay healthy, reduce stress in your life and reduce the risk of health problems.

Personal Hobbies – Pursuing, developing and improving personal hobbies is a great start to a more positive mindset!

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