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What are the top 5 holiday destinations in Europe?



First choice:


This lovely Austrian city which was made renowned by the film “The Sound of Music” was a joy to visit. It was likewise there that I visited my number one royal residence to date which is the Hellbrunn Palace popular for its Trick Fountains, monstrous nurseries and the area for the structure where the tune “I’m 16 going on 17” was sung.



Perhaps of the most lovely spot I have been to in 104 nations, this UNESCO little town along the lake encompassed by mountains is additionally home to the most established salt mine on the planet – one more motivation to visit it.

Eisriesenwelt (World of the Ice Giants)

Right beyond Salzburg, you get the amazing chance to visit the biggest ice cave on the planet! It was an educational encounter for myself and one I would suggest.

Second choice:

San Sebastian

Without a doubt Spain has many astounding urban communities you need to visit (I truly do cherish Andalucia – Ronda is still on my rundown) but there is a justification for why San Sebastian was casted a ballot European Capital of Culture in 2016. In the event that you are a foodie, this Basque city will be an enjoyment – tapas, cheesecake (Bar La Vina) and the numerous Michelin featured eateries you can browse. You have the mountains, the sea shores and astonishing shops in the old town to investigate.



On the off chance that you are a surfer, you would have known about Biarritz. A coastline town in France only north of San Sebastian, it is somewhere else you should visit when nearby.

Third choice:


This renowned Croatian coastline UNESCO city doesn’t require any longer presentation. Made renowned by Game of Thrones, you need to lose yourself along the city walls inside the old towns and absorb the sun.



Kotor in Montenegro is a shocking UNESCO town not far south of Dubrovnik. Kotor Bay is the most profound regular fjord-like straight in the Mediterranean Sea.


The Old Bridge (Stari Most) is an UNESCO World Heritage site and the symbol of Mostar – without a doubt my number one spot in Bosnia. The scaffold was initially worked by the Turks in 1566, obliterated in 1993 (war), and remade in 2004. At 21m high, one can pay to see an individual from the Mostar Diving Club jump off the extension into the stream beneath.

In 2009, I did an excursion across 9 nations in 9 days in the Balkans. That was the point at which I visited Kotor interestingly, Dubrovnik and Kotor for the subsequent time.

Fourth choice:


Zurich is an inconceivably lovely city. On a crisp morning, you can see the Alps as you walk around the roads heading towards the Lake. In the event that you love sweets, kindly come by Sprüngli at Paradeplatz on Bahnhofstrasse acclaimed for the Luxembürgerli (macarons) and flavorful treats. For the best chocolates, go to Läderach. Bistro Schober in the old town has seemingly the best hot cocoa (for 10 CHF) and my #1 thing to get for breakfast must be the chocolate croissant (Schoggigipfel) from Buchmann Bäckerei (underground in the primary train station or storm cellar of Jelmoli shopping center).



The experience capital of Switzerland, this little town in the Alps between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz offers much for everybody. For those searching for the adrenaline rush, why not take a stab at canyoning, boating, paragliding, skydiving, kayaking, paddle boarding and that’s only the tip of the iceberg? You ought to definitely go up certain mountains like Schilthorn (the James Bond mountain) and visit Lauterbrunnen and the exceptional frosty Trümmelbach Falls.

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